EP. 39 The power of self-trust: Ali Brown's vision for the future of women in leadership (The Long Game Series Ep 12) | School of Becoming


I am super pumped and honored to introduce the OG of OG’s of female entrepreneurship, the incomparable, Ali Brown.

We kicked off talking about business before the internet. Yes, that was a thing. Business before social media.

I was captivated as Ali recounted her realization of a game forming in entrepreneurship that she “did not want to play.” Her candid revelations about decisions she took, ones that “no one understood,” were both enlightening and inspiring. 

Together, we explored the concept of “becoming our own approval” and the liberating sensation of pursuing projects ignited by the “pure love and desire of wanting to do it,” devoid of any other plan, goal, or intention.

And there’s a special gem waiting for you in this episode: a cherished piece of advice once whispered to Ali by the unparalleled Jim Rohn. Trust me, it’s a nugget of wisdom that will hit you exactly where you need it. 

Grab those headphones and let’s roll.

More Love,

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