EP. 38 Building a legacy and playing the long game with Kelly Roach (The Long Game Series Ep 11) | School of Becoming


Today’s episode is simply… incredible. Why? Because I had the joy of chatting with the one and only Kelly Roach. From our first sit-down at the same round table at Ali Brown’s event, Kelly’s realness and smarts stood out.

Since then, our bond has deepened, from our first VIP day to me becoming a part of her Legacy Leaders mastermind. She’s not only a mentor of mine, she’s a dear friend.

We dive deep into what the world is truly craving right now, explore the intertwining of faith and success, and discuss the undeniable connection between taking risks and crafting a legacy.

Kelly shares her feelings and perspectives on some perceptions she’s faced, especially about being too in her “masculine energy”. We delve into the ongoing conversation about the balance of energies in the marketplace.

Kelly’s insights on pursuing the extraordinary and being deeply connected to one’s calling are enlightening. They’re gonna crack you wide open.

You know what to do. Let’s roll!

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