EP. 40 The journey of business partnership & going beyond the online world with Megan Huber and Nikki Nash (The Long Game Series Ep 13) | School of Becoming


I am pumped for you to be a fly on the wall for this convo with Megan Huber and Nikki Nash!

I met Megan in a mastermind and connected with Nikki through one of Megan’s social media posts. The bond among us? Instant, unique, and magical.

Megan is a curriculum systems, infrastructure, and operational genius. Nikki is an insanely bright marketing genius.

In today’s episode, we delve into their individual journeys and the journey they chose to take together in becoming business partners. The brave leaps into the unknown will knock your socks off.

We dove into the honesty and courage it requires to leave behind what no longer resonates…you need to hear this.

And a profound conversation on the reality for women in business today and what it means to go ‘beyond online’ for impact and growth.

Grab your pen and paper – you’ll want to take notes. Let’s dive in!

More Love,


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