EP. 2 Empowerment through acceptance: Embracing fear is the path to growth & ascension | School of Becoming


Have you experienced this rollercoaster ride before: 

Monday: Totally pumped and ready to take action!

Wednesday: Shrinking back and totally paralyzed by fear.

Friday: I’m all in again, and starting to tell some people!

Sunday: Start to cower back down, and think “Who do I think I am? This is crazy. You’re f*cking nuts” – and proceed to do nothing, instead of trusting your intuition.

This was absolutely my personal two-year experience with fear paralysis.

So, what do you do when a download comes through, or you get that gut knowing of what you need to do next, and you’re FEELING it – and then fear comes around in an attempt to stop you?

Welcome to episode 2 of The How of Within ™ podcast! In this episode, we’re having a profound conversation about fear- how to identify it, how to shift your relationship with it, and most importantly how to appreciate it. At any and every level of success, growth, and expansion.                  

I love fear, and you will too.

There is always more love, 


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