EP. 3 Still trying to prove yourself? How to embrace your feminine energy and reclaim your power by harnessing your divine oneness | School of Becoming


Here’s the truth:

You are whole now.

Right NOW.

If you’re operating through the lens of trying to prove yourself, of only being as valuable or invaluable as the last success you had- it becomes a one way ticket to experiencing adrenal fatigue, burnout, chronic exhaustion, and a low energetic frequency.

This proving energy prohibits you from honoring yourself, resting, and connecting to your feminine energy.

But, how do you stop looking for validation and approval from something, or someone in the outside world, and take back your power?

Welcome to episode 3 of The How of Within ™ podcast! In this episode, I’m sharing how proving energy is killing your vibe and interfering with your potential. We’ll also talk about the truth of your divine oneness from which we are all scientifically derived. 

Let’s embody your wholeness, elevate your consciousness and uncover your magic!

There is always more love, 


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