EP. 1 Are you trusting your intuition, or is fear in control? How to connect with your higher self & get back in soul alignment | School of Becoming


Sometimes we do things because we think we should. 

Sometimes we do things because our ego takes over. 

Sometimes we get caught up in our desires and ignore our highest self.

Let’s get right to the obvious question, “what the fuck happened to the ‘What Would She Do?’™ podcast”? And, how does what I just said above connect to the answer? 

Well, I’m so pumped to share the first episode of The How of Within™  podcast! In this episode, I’m filling you in on the incredible journey of self-evolution that has led me back into your headphones from a place of utter trust in myself and conviction in this message. 

Dive in! Can’t wait to hear your insights…

There is always more love, 


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Journal Questions:

-Where are you receiving the nudge? Where have you gotten the intuitive hit, the download, the knowing, you’re still questioning it?

-Where are you clear that there is misalignment, yet you’re still tolerating it?

-Where does your body feel tight…like it’s screaming at you for relief, yet you’re suppressing it down? 

-What fear are you feeling around honoring the knowing and making the shift or change that your highest self has made abundantly clear is the move?

-Where are you caught up in something you “should” be doing?

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