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Hey, gorgeous!

Let’s have a little chat. 

We’re raised our entire lives to seek the ‘how’.

To find the answer. 

To search for the solution. 

To look outside of ourselves for the cause. The reason. 

That this ‘how’ is external. 

That what’s happening on the outside is what’s creating how we feel on the inside. 

Well, as it turns out, it’s the exact opposite. 

Here’s the scientific truth: 

What’s happening on the inside is what creates the outside.

Your inner environment is actually creating your third dimensional lived experience. 

Here’s another scientific truth: 

You are a spiritual/energetic being having a human experience. 

The infinite power of understanding, and then embodying that truth will blow you away.

It holds the only answer you will ever need. The only solution. 

Whatever you are being called to, whatever results you want to experience, whatever exists in your next-level vision…it’s all available to you. 

You are the cause of the effect. 

You are the generator.

You are the consciousness. 

You are the love.

You are the magic. 

Which then begs the question, ‘How?” How do I embody that truth? How do I generate the results I dream of? Where do I even begin?

You’ve heard that life isn’t happening to you…that life is happening for you. 

Here’s the highest truth: Life is happening FROM YOU. 

You are in everything you experience.

You are the constant. 

What’s happening inside of you, is what’s happening outside of you.

That’s the ‘how’ that matters. 

That’s the only ‘how’ that is actually your business.

That’s the ‘How of Within’

Welcome Home. 

There is always more love, 


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