EP. 46 Problem is perspective: How to attune to new potentials and shift reality | School of Becoming


Hey queen! Join me for morning coffee and a life-changing chat on “problems.” Problems are merely a matter of perspective, nonexistent in higher planes of consciousness. 

I’m unveiling how our focus on problems actually feeds their existence, trapping us in a cycle of static and congestion. But I’m not leaving you there. I’ll guide you through a shift in perception that opens doors to new potentials and possibilities, offering a completely new experience of reality.

And a jaw-dropping personal story that perfectly encapsulates the magic that unfolds when we detach from problems and place our trust in greater intelligence.

And to top it off, I’ve created a meditation that will help you rise above any perceived problems and tap into a field of endless possibilities. 

Headphones on, volume up. Let’s roll. 

More Love,


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Tommy Boy Movie Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1EyN9xTK94

Attuning to New Potentials Meditation https://theschoolofbecoming.com/product/attuning-to-new-potentials/

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