EP. 45 To invest or not invest? How to trust your investments and understand the ROI | School of Becoming


In today’s episode, I dive deep into the intricacies of making meaningful investments in yourself and your business.

As the year-end approaches, you may find yourself questioning past investments and contemplating your next move, particularly when the Return on Investment (ROI) hasn’t materialized as expected.

I’m going to walk you through four things that I want you to really move yourself through so that you can feel grounded, bolstered, and excited to continue to invest in the greatness that is you.

Plus a story about my 60k lesson in self trust.

So, if you’re on the brink of a decision or looking back and wondering about the path taken, let this be a beacon: “Who you’ve been is zero indication of who you’re capable of becoming.”

And every investment delivers an ROI.

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