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Podcast: Trauma Rewired
Host: Jennifer Wallace & Elisabeth Kristof

Embodiment has many different meanings, but to be embodied from a neurosomatic intelligence perspective relates to the integration of the body, mind and spirit. It means you are aware of the connection between your body and its internal sensations, your emotions, and your behaviors.

Sharing her journey to embodiment and how she uses it in her work as a mindset coach is Tracy Litt, speaker and founder of The Litt Factor. Tracy is also a bestselling author and her new book, “Expander: For Trailblazing Women Building a New World,” outlines the damaging paradigms that hold us back and what we can do to replace them.

In this episode, Tracy helps us look at embodiment through the lens of neurosomatic intelligence, including how it impacts our relationships, career, and health. You’ll learn more about dissociation, what keeps us from feeling and being in our bodies, and how emotional expression will transform your life.

There is a natural fear to change and embodiment, but you have to remember that YOU are the creator of your own life. Tune in to find out how to start healing through nervous system work!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What embodiment truly means
  • Embodiment as necessary for change
  • Our personal paths to embodiment
  • The importance of slowing down
  • What disconnects women to their bodies
  • The freedom of emotional expression
  • Training your nervous system to safely process emotions
  • How Tracy uses NSI tools to help clients
  • Tracy’s new book, Expander
  • What Tracy took away from the NSI Certification course

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