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Podcast: The Uplifted Yoga Podcast: “When High Vibe Goes Wrong”
Brett Larkin

We hear so often that you should “embody the next best version of yourself” and then “become it.” BUT HOW? Especially when your current reality is *nothing like* the reality you’re attempting to manifest. Or there’s zero proof of things going your way?

Buckle up for this deep exploration of identity, adversity and emotion with one of my favorite conversation partners, Tracy Litt. We talk about practical steps you can take when “rubber meets the road” and your nervous system is in a state of hyperarousal, dragging you into old patterns. We put concrete examples of my own life, marriage and blocks through Tracy’s framework so you can see her method in action. Get ready to learn:

????Why affirmations and staying “high vibe” are a band-aid solution to your wounds – and what to do instead.

????How your programmed not to *feel* by society and practical steps to fix this

????What to do if you feel like by expressing big emotions like grief or rage, that you’ll open “Pandora’s box” and never be able to stop.

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GUEST EXPERT: Tracy Litt | Gala ???? www.thelittfactor.com | @thelittfactor

Tracy Litt is the founder of The Litt Factor, an international best-selling author, podcast host, creator of Mind Magic®, quantum success mentor, and emotional healer. Tracy also holds her licensing in professional coaching, neurology, somatics, and hypnotherapy.

Her podcast, “The How of Within”is in Season 2 and can be streamed on all major platforms,  she has graced the TEDx stage with her talk titled “Dear Fear, It’s Not You, Its Me”, her self-help book, “Worthy Human” was an international best seller in 2019, and Tracy was named a Top 125 Global Thought Leaders of 2022 in SUCCESS MAGAZINE.

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