EP. 50 The truth about yoga: Expand your energetic capacity and transform your life with Brett Larkin | School of Becoming


I have the pleasure of welcoming back one of our favorite guests, Brett Larkin, to dive into her latest masterpiece, “Yoga Life: Habits, Poses, and Breathwork to Channel Joy Amidst The Chaos.”

Brett’s insights are transformative, shedding light on how yoga practice has evolved and been misconstrued as it traveled from East to West.

We’re talking about personalizing yoga practices, finding our ‘soulmate poses’ and letting go of the power yoga/lulu lemon only lens. Yoga is SO. MUCH. MORE. than what we realize it is. 

From self-awareness to energy management, emphasizing that yoga is more about inner journey than physical prowess.

And there’s a treat for those who pre-order her book – amazing bonuses including a free digital course, designed to enrich your yoga journey.

You know what to do. Let’s roll. 

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Pre-Order The Yoga Life Book: https://www.brettlarkin.com/yoga-life-book/

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