EP. 36 The Rolling Hills of Entrepreneurship: Becoming Brilliant with Keri Murphy (The Long Game Series Ep 9) | School of Becoming


Get ready for an episode that is as heartfelt as it is groundbreaking. 

Ya know that electric moment when two souls recognize their synergy? That was us – the day I met the exceptional Keri Murphy. 

We dive right into the exhilarating highs and draining lows of entrepreneurship, the truth about launching, and the courageous steps taken even when doubt is still coming around…

The exhale that happens when you acknowledge that parenting is really fucking hard, and Keri shared something out loud that she had only prior said to her husband. Thank you Keri. 

We further explore topics of emotional alignment, the invaluable wisdom birthed from deep-seated failures, and the essence of “being your own security.” Our chat highlights how a single ‘yes’ can open “massive portals of possibility.” 

Speaking of saying yes, there’s a huge opportunity for you to do so and be with me and Keri in person at Brilliant, her epic event for women entrepreneurs, where I am speaking. 

And someone is going to win a FREE TICKET. Whaaattt?! Yup. Listen to learn more. 

Lean back, and enjoy the ride.

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