EP. 5 The growth and ascension journey through higher level consciousness. Becoming the highest version of yourself through identity evolution | School of Becoming


Hey girl hey!  It’s time to tap into your highest potential…you know it and we know it. 

Today I’m joined by our Director of Coaching and Communications, Amanda Bolzau. Known by many as Coach Amanda.

We’re taking a deep dive into the depths of your capacity and what’s possible as you step on your path of becoming…

The consciousness revolution is here and your divine responsibility (all of our divine responsibility) is to embrace the journey of growth, self-discovery, and evolution. 

If we’re not here to change the world, what the fuck are we even doing here?! 

The impact you make, and the ripple effect from that impact will blow you away. 

When you unlock your potential, you unlock the potential of everyone around you. 

More love, Tracy

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