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Podcast: Growth Mindset Psychology
Host: Sam Webster Harris

Our genuine fears are hidden to us behind elaborate stories. To truly understand ourselves we need a lot of vulnerability, honesty, and curiosity to search within and examine our emotions.

Tracy Litt is a spiritual advisor and mindset coach who is an expert on fear and the stories we tell ourselves. Her no-nonsense approach is full of legit good advice to help people sort their sh*t out.

On the growth mindset with Sam Webster Harris, we explore the psychology of happiness, satisfaction, and purpose. Why they can be hard to find and how to build them through a process of self-reflection combined with an honest assessment of what is holding us back and what is driving us forward. Success and happiness is a state of mind unique to ourselves and is our responsibility to create.

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00:00 Intro

02:22 Judgement journal

03:17 Learning to be less controlling

06:00 How to start a transformation

10:40 Get comfortable feeling all of your feeling

12:46 Do you struggle with emotion?

13:59 Emotional distractions

16:09 ADVERT – NetSuite

17:27 The problem without getting angry

18:41 Screaming as therapy

19:19 Learning to embrace your voice

21:25 What should you fear?

24:35 Facing limiting fears

27:53 Coaching others and finding coaches

31:24 Outro

TopicsPositive psychology

Life Coaching

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Open humility

Living with purpose


Long-term thinking

Building healthy habits

Habit formation

Fixing anxiety

Find your purpose

Power of now

Liberation from desire

Capitalism and consumerism

Societal norms

Happiness in simplicity

Dealing with Overwhelm

Prioritizing commitments

Growth mindset

Psychology of Success

Peak performance and Resilience

Human potential

Embracing failure

Mental toughness

Vipassana meditation


Personal development

Success Strategies

Motivation and inspiration

Goal setting and achievement

Overcoming challenges

Positive affirmations

Visualization techniques

Continuous learning

Self-awareness and self-discovery

Positive mindset

Emotional intelligence

Perseverance and determination

Transformative life journeys

Achieving greatness

Harnessing inner strength

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