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Podcast: The Power of the Only
Host: Angela Chee

“It’s exhausting to be the light.” – Angela Chee

What happens when you’re the bright light and things are dragging you down? How do you regenerate?

Today’s guest Tracy Litt is a science and spirituality teacher, rapid transformational hypnotherapist, bestselling author, and TEDx speaker. She is the Founder of The Litt Factor and the creator of Mind Magic®. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, FastCompany, Thrive Global, Success 125, and In this episode, Tracy and I talk about what it means to identify as high-achieving women and how we grapple with the dark side of resilience. We also discuss the gift and challenge of slowing down and Tracy shares ways that she incorporates neuroscience into her work.  We also explore parenting and how to shift the “Good Mom” paradigm.

“It is not a luxury to invest in yourself.” – Tracy Litt

In today’s show, we talk about ways to combat toxic positivity, connecting with yourself without self-judgment, and how we are consciously raising strong daughters.

“There is only one of you and that uniqueness is what we’re called here to leverage.” – Tracy LittShow Notes:

  • How to combat toxic positivity
  • How to connect with yourself without self-judgment
  • How to address negative thoughts
  • Is there an alternative to constant resiliency
  • How can we use breathwork to heal
  • What can we do to slow down and reconnect with our bodies
  • How did Tracy Litt step into her power
  • What is Mind Magic
  • Why don’t my affirmations stick
  • How to shake off a bad morning
  • How to raise strong daughters
  • What is expander parenting

“If you lie to yourself you can’t change.” – Tracy Litt3 Pieces of Advice or Action Steps:

  1. Breathe deeply more frequently throughout your day
  2. Ask yourself: where are you currently not being fully expressed?
  3. Breathe and go do that thing

“If what got us here is blocking us from getting there, then we have a divine responsibility to turn on its head how we’re getting there.” – Tracy LittBrand and Resource Mentions:

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