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Podcast: Passion Love Pursuit Podcast
Host: Erica Lippy

Today’s episode with my guest was enlightening, uplifting, and reassuring. My guest reminds us how worthy we truly are and to never, ever put value or weight into any thoughts that make us think otherwise. To get rid of the idea that we are stuck, but yet that we are just being called to step into our greatest self and expression of who we truly are.

Today’s guest, Tracy Litt is a sought-after success mentor for visionary women leaders that are navigating huge paradigm shifts and elevating into the next level of themselves, so they can seamlessly generate the next level of their impact, wealth, and holistic success. Tracy is a certified mindset coach, spiritual advisor, rapid transformational hypnotherapist, best-selling author, and TEDx speaker. She is the Founder of The Litt Factor, and creator of Mind Magic ®, a proven methodology that marries metacognition and spirituality, neuroscience and quantum law to expand and elevate more quickly. Her work has served thousands of women across the globe and has been featured in Entrepreneur, FastCompany, Thrive Global, and Her book Worthy Human is a #1 best seller in Spiritual Growth and Mindset. Tracy is a powerhouse of energy. Her impact is undeniable.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to get unstuck from the place you feel so unfulfilled
  • How to authentically believe you are worthy
  • How to find what’s in alignment with you
  • Attracting with ease and flow 
  • Letting go and releasing control

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