Self-Worth, Mind Magic and 'Expander Parenting' with Tracy Litt | School of Becoming


Podcast: Mom School
Host: Kristen Kelly

Tracy Litt is a Mother, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Certified Mindset Coach and Founder of The Litt Factor. Kristen fell in love with Tracy and tracked her down after reading her book “Worthy Human“, only to become more deeply obsessed with her after this conversation.

Kristen and Tracy discuss self-worth and how our belief of our own deserving and wholeness is at the root of all of our problems. Tracy chronicles step by step how to take your power back, meaning/meaninglessness & the mind, the art of change, reprogramming your nervous system and how to take radical personal responsibility in motherhood and beyond.

They discuss guilt, fear, how women have been duped by society and Tracy’s piece on “expander parenting” (via Forbes linked below) which empowers mothers to embody the truest, strongest and most fulfilled version of themselves.

Tracy’s passion for personal development infuses everything she does and her positive energy is powerful and contagious – Enjoy!

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