EXPANDER: For Trailblazing Women Building A New World

This is an E-Book PDF & Audio bundle. The audiobook is delivered through a private podcast feed through your smartphone.

What Women Are Saying About Expander

“You’re not just telling us what the problem is. You’re identifying exactly what harmful paradigms are dictating our lives, then giving us the solution and showing us how to live it out.” Kelly Roach - Legacy Building Business Advisor 

I’m convinced this book finds you when you most need the loving kick in the pants (and the deep soul reminder) that only Tracy Litt can deliver. Within these pages lies our call to wake up and shake up what we believe success has to look like and how we choose to experience and embody it. These pages are our permission slip. Our chance to do things our way, create a life of meaning, and one where success isn’t measured merely by the things we posses but how we feel, live and love. Honestly, it’s the full body exhale I didn’t know I needed…and I’m so thrilled you are about to dive in too! Jill Stanton - Founder of The Millionaire Girls Club

EXPANDER, by Tracy Litt, is an empowering message for women, reminding us to look within, as that is where our greatest power lies.  A necessary reminder of how our energetic frequency shapes our reality and the truth that we are limitless.  The book's focus on expanding consciousness and shifting paradigms is a refreshing approach to achieving holistic success, and the practical tools provided are very beneficial for women who want to take their lives and impact to the next level. Michelle Vandepas, Author and Publisher

Litt shows herself to be an expressive, thoughtful, and candid writer. Her observations on human behavior are penetrating and insightful, and her belief in the human spirit is almost palpable. Kirkus Reviews