Becoming HER Walking Meditation

This is a potent meditation to reprogram your subconscious, and integrate your future into the nervous system. It is designed to help you generate your vision into 3D reality by teaching your body how to experience the elevated emotions of your future. You will be walking as if your vision is actualized, walking as the next level version of you. The frequencies accessed in this walking meditation are: THETA (4-8 Hz) and DELTA (less than 4 Hz), and the music is tuned to 432 Hz. The universe vibrates at 432 Hz. Listening to a sound at 432 Hz is especially pleasing to the ear, and said to reduce stress and promote emotional stability by putting you in sync with the “heartbeat of the Earth”. Binaural beats in the Delta pattern operate at a frequency of 0.5 – 4 Hz with links to a dreamless sleep and suggestibility. Theta waves are strong during internal focus, meditation, prayer, and spiritual awareness. It reflects the state between wakefulness and sleep and relates to the subconscious mind.


Download this meditation directly to your smartphone. Over-the-ear, noise canceling headphones are recommended, but not required. Grab an eye mask, if available, otherwise you can plan to simply close your eyes when prompted. You will be standing with an eye mask on (or closed eyes) for portions of the meditation, and walking with your eyes open and unobstructed for others.