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Podcast: Built to Last
Host: Megan Huber

As a highly ambitious, over-achieving woman, you might be experiencing some fear around failing OR receiving the success you are working toward.

We often work really hard to reach high levels of success, but are afraid to celebrate it, share it with others, and experiencing the incredible things that come as a result of building the empire.

In this episode, Founder of The Litt Factor, and creator of Mind Magic ®, Tracy Litt is breaking down how to step into your true self and have that meaningful relationship with yourself first.

As Tracy shares today, as empire builders we get to slow down and take the time to have a relationship with ourselves while approaching success from a holistic perspective.

We get to take time to feel and choose what feelings we go through. It is from that place we can take action on everything around us and create the life and business we want.

You can learn more about the work Tracy does at and download the What Would She Do 3-part audio training for free at

08:39 – mom guilt and building an empire

11:45 – what comes up for strong women around fear

17:40 – integrating ease and flow with action

27:47 – strengthening your receivership


The Worthy Human by Tracy Litt

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

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