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This is your permission to see how good it can get and enjoy your incredible success.



A One-Day Luxury Retreat that will expand your capacity to experience and generate more joy, more money, more impact without pushing, forcing, and over-functioning.

Friday, August 30TH   |  10 am – 6 pm

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

This is for you if:

As a visionary woman you are here to experience holistic success.

Success that prioritizes all areas of you and your life – how you feel, your state of being, connection to your body, and your highest self.

At CAPACITY, you will shift from “when is the other shoe going to drop?” to “how great can it get?”

The answer to experiencing MORE of what you desire and deserve lives in your ability to expand your capacity.

There is LIMITLESS goodness available to you, and as your capacity expands, so does your reality.

Once upon a time, there were a string of events – internal, external, biological, familial, and cultural – that programmed you to unease, chaos, unworthiness, struggle, burden, hustle, hedging, external validation,
and over-functioning.

No woman is immune to this conditioning. It’s a program we were born into.

That’s why it is every woman’s divine responsibility to do the inner work of expanding capacity. And Tracy Litt, Founder of The School of Becoming, is inviting you in to learn and practice the HOW.

CAPACITY will Support you in feeling:

Put yourself first - start with this luscious 1 day - so you can continue to bring your magic to the world.

Here’s what CAPACITY will look and feel like:

Understand what capacity is

at the level of your nervous system, energy and mind.

Learn how to become HER

by opening up and allowing yourself to meet your next level, evolved identity and gain clarity on what SHE desires to hold and feel.

Identify what’s interfering with your capacity

as we explore control, tolerations and boundaries.

Reconnect and release through breathwork

and drills that re-imprint your nervous system, expanding its capacity.

Experience community as medicine

as you enjoy elevated conversation with like minded leaders throughout the day.

Additional guidance for Platinum attendees:

Intimate fireside chat with Tracy

In the evening, we’ll dive deeper as we allow the energy of the day to settle, and process and reflect on where to take action next.

Live Coaching and Integration

The following morning will bring newfound clarity and profound decisions of your next level.
Join Tracy for an intimate integration session and delicious breakfast in her private suite.

Guided and led by

Tracy Litt

Founder of The School of Becoming.

Mom of 3 incredible young women.

Science & Spirituality Teacher.

Emotional Healer.

Success Mentor.

International best-selling author.

TEDx speaker.

Your capacity dictates your success and your reality. Period.

The act of saying yes to a luscious experience will expand your capacity in and of itself. 

Platinum Ticket


Gold Ticket


The Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Every woman deserves to grow and be held like this.

“The connection, the ascension, the blend of science and spirituality were absolutely out of this world. Every woman deserves to grow and be held like this.”

Thuy P.

Like fucking magical.

“It was everything I needed and more! Like fucking magical. Trust is the core of living the life you dream of. Without it, you will never become the highest version of yourself. The community of women was unmatched inside this space – so real, raw, authentic, loving, and supportive.”

Sarah S.

Every activity is potent with purpose.

“Tracy really is a Mind Magician. From the moment you step into the room, the energy is safe, purposeful and transformative. Every detail is so well designed and interwoven in a way that literally affects you on a cellular level. Every activity is potent with purpose. The woman you are when you walk in, is not the same woman when you walk out. You vibrate at a higher level-the entire community of women do  together. It is this collective energy that is so potent and you carry it with you when you return home.”

Nadia P.

Is this a full-body YES,
but you’ve still got some questions?

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I’d like to stay overnight at EAU, is there a special rate available for the event?

I’m not sure I can commit to the VIP experience right now. 
Can I upgrade my ticket at a later date?

We have limited VIP tickets available. If you’re uncertain right now, go for Gold and we’ll update you when VIP tickets are running out.

Does Platinum include my hotel stay at The EAU Palm Beach Resort & Spa?

No. However, the incredible rate available to you will support you in allowing this experience to be an easy yes.